3 Common Maintenance Issues That Can Lead To Customer Injuries In A Commercial Setting

Posted on: 22 December 2014

When you are the owner or operator of a commercial business, one of your number one priorities is the safety of every customer that walks in your door. As much time and effort as you put into employee training and proper safety procedures, there is one thing that is easy to forget: The condition of your business itself can be the starting point for a potential safety hazard. Therefore, building maintenance is a crucial key in providing a safe shopping arena for your patrons.
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We Called For Window Replacement In Fairbanks AK

Posted on: 13 December 2013

When my husband and I graduated from college, we were completely ready to start our full-time jobs and be done with school. Along with this, we were excited to move out of our apartment and into a small home. Although putting a down payment on our home was a big step, we were ready for the space and serenity that it would bring compared to our previous apartment in the city.
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