Dealing With Concrete Walkways Or Driveways That Are Sinking

Posted on: 22 May 2019

Concrete slabs can start to settle over time. The soil starts to compact or can erode from under the slab, causing a void space. The concrete will no longer be supported and can crack then create a hole or depression in the concrete. There are some solutions to this problem but you will need to hire a contractor with the right tools and experience to do the job. Inspecting the Damage
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3 Reasons To Get A Wood Fence

Posted on: 9 April 2019

If you have an open backyard without a fence, then make this summer the summer that you finally get the privacy that you deserve with a fence. With so many fencing options out there, though, you may not know which direction that you should lean. For instance, should you choose one that is made of vinyl, wood, or chain link? If you have it in your budget, then a wood fence may be a great option for you.
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Popular Types Of Decorative Rocks For Landscaping Projects

Posted on: 23 February 2019

There are several uses for decorative rocks when it comes to landscaping your yard. These rocks can be used to create paths, borders, and safety areas around a fire pit. Decorative rocks can also be used as mulch and to create rock gardens. You may even want to replace part of your lawn with decorative rocks so you have less mowing to do. Here are some types of decorative rocks you may want to use in your projects around the yard.
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3 Things That Cause Potholes In Asphalt Paving

Posted on: 8 January 2019

Many property owners have damaged asphalt paving. The issue is that many property owners do not know what causes asphalt damages. Some may notice what they think are minor damages and assume that they do not need to get the paving repaired. Minor damage can eventually lead to more serious damages such as potholes. Potholes are particularly a concern especially for individuals who own commercial properties. This is because they can impact how potential customers view your property.
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