Improving Your Home With The Right Retractable Screen Solutions

Posted on: 12 November 2020


If you want to improve the energy design of your home, screens can be a great solution. Today, modern retractable screens can be used for a variety of home improvements. Screens can do a lot more than provide shade or keep insects out of your home. The following retractable screen solutions are improvements you may want to invest in for your home:

Porch Screens for a Summer Enclosure

The porch spaces around your home can be great for enjoying the weather outside. They can also be a place where insects like to take cover from the weather. Therefore, you may want to consider installing retractable screens for these spaces. Some of the retractable porch screen solutions you may want to have done include:

  • Half-screen designs with solid parapet railings
  • Entire ceiling or beam height screens for lower porches
  • Retractable screens with additional glass and awning features

These retractable porch screen solutions will allow you to have an enclosed space when you needed. The benefit of using retractable features is that they can also be opened for fresh air. This is a great solution for passive cooling during the summer months.

Retractable Privacy Screens to Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces around your home may need to have privacy. This can be done with various privacy screen designs. The problem is that these stand-alone features are often vulnerable to damage. Therefore, you may want to use retractable screen features. Some advantages to using retractable privacy screens for outdoor spaces include:

  • Screens that can be used to add privacy only when you need it
  • Privacy screens for retractable outdoor theater solutions
  • Retractable privacy screens that can be put away during severe weather

Evaluate your outdoor spaces to decide you have any places you would like to install retractable privacy screens.

Retractable Screens to Blend the Spaces for Outdoor Living

The screens you have installed on your home can also help blend outdoor and indoor spaces together. This can be done by installing them in areas where your home opens up to the outdoor living space areas. You may want to add the following features for this blended space:

  • Additional awnings to continue the covered spaces
  • Sliding glass features that open spaces outdoors
  • Retractable screen features at exterior walls and porches

These retractable screen projects can improve your home with outdoor privacy, energy efficiency, and more. Call a retractable screen installation service and ask them about these solutions.