A Mudroom Is A Must In Your Custom Home If You're In One Of These Situations

Posted on: 28 February 2020


The term "mudroom" might not sound very appealing, but this is a room that you can appreciate multiple times per day. You might not immediately think about including a mudroom in your custom home, but if your builder brings up this type of space, it's important to think about the value that it will provide you and your family. While it's easy to argue for a mudroom in most custom homes, this space is particularly a must-have feature if you're in one of the following situations.

You Have A Dog

If you have a dog, you know the challenges that can ensue when the dog comes into your home with a wet coat and muddy paws. The last thing that you want is for the animal to make a major mess in your front or back hallway, but that's exactly what can often happen. A mudroom can be instrumental in preventing such a scenario. This room is a space immediately inside one of the back doors of the home that you can use to clean off the dog before it proceeds into the main part of the house. Many dog owners choose to equip their mudrooms with sinks as a valuable tool for this job.

You Have Messy Outdoor Hobbies

You may also want to strongly consider the value of a mudroom if you have outdoor hobbies. For example, if you're a hunter or you enjoy riding off-road vehicles, a mudroom provides you with a place to get cleaned off before you walk through the rest of the home. You probably won't want to change out of muddy clothing in your driveway, but doing so in your mudroom gives you the privacy that you need. The same is true if you're an amateur mechanic who is always fixing up a vehicle. The sink in the mudroom provides a better place to wash your greasy hands than the kitchen sink.

You Have Children

If you have children or you plan to have children during the time that you'll be living in your custom home, you'll want to heavily consider a mudroom. Kids have a knack for entering the home with messy clothes and dirty hands, whether they've been playing in a muddy pond down the street or have been rolling in the autumn leaves. As a parent who strives to keep a tidy home, you won't want them to proceed farther into the residence while they're messy. Your custom home's mudroom will provide the perfect spot for them to get cleaned up.

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