Semi-Finishing An Attic Space To Create A Play Area For Kids

Posted on: 26 September 2019


Have you run out of space for all of your kids' stuff? Have their toys taken over every living area within your walls? It is time to reclaim your home and find something else to do with all of that stuff the kids need each day. What about that attic space—it may have ceilings too low for you to finish it into a bedroom, but it could be the perfect location for a play area for the kids. Here, you'll find a bit of information that can help you plan out the transformation of your attic space into your kids' play area.

Get It Insulated

The first thing that you'll need to do is ensure that the attic area is well insulated. You'll want insulation not only between the floor joists but also on the underside of the roof. This will help control the temperature in the attic during both winter and summer. Just be sure that the insulation isn't preventing the ventilation system from operating the way that it needs to.

If the insulation blocks off the vents, the moisture that builds up in the attic area will begin to cause problems—not to mention that it's much more difficult to regulate the temperature if there's no ventilation in the area. Speak to insulation contractors to get more information.

Cover the Walls and Roof

You don't have to go all out and install and finish drywall in the area. Instead, you can pick up large canvas sheets to hang on the walls. This creates such a fun atmosphere, especially when you string some twinkle lights from the canvas. It'll create a bright, clean, and fun environment that the kids will be thrilled with.

Stairs and a Pulley System

Your kids are going to be going up and down out of the attic area, so you need to make sure that the steps leading to that space are safe for the kids to use. Consider running rope lights down the sides of the stairs so that the kids can clearly see each step as they go.

A pulley system can be installed so that you can send snacks up to the kids when they're playing—it can also help them safely move things up and down the stairs. All it takes is a pulley system, a rope, and a bucket or bin.

Clearing the kids' stuff out of your living areas can help to reduce your stress levels and reduce the time you spend picking up after them. Hopefully, this project works as well for you as it has for others in your situation.