A Look At Some Steps Needed To Build A Custom Home

Posted on: 10 June 2018


Having a new custom home built is an exciting time because you can finally have all the features you want in a home. No more compromising when you move and putting up with less than you want. Because a custom home is built to your specifications, you should plan on the entire project taking one or two years. The first step is to talk to a builder so that you understand the process and know what your role will be and what the builder is responsible for. Here's a look at some steps you need to go through before your new home is ready.

Find The Right Land

Finding vacant land may not be possible when you want a location in a good, established neighborhood. The alternative is to buy an existing home and have it torn down. By looking for teardowns, you increase the possibilities for where you can build your house. Working with a real estate agent and your builder to find land is a good way to learn about properties that are available that you might not find otherwise.

Obtain Permits And Have The Survey

You'll need to obtain permits for the process of tearing down an old house if you need to and building a new house. You'll need to learn about any restrictions that may apply to a home built in the neighborhood you choose before you have plans drawn up. One important step in the building process is to have the land surveyed. The survey will be submitted with your request for a permit. It includes information related to elevation, flood zone, utility locations, and road access. A civil engineer will make sure the lot you choose is zoned properly and that the land is graded and ready for building a new home. Going through the process of surveying and permitting could take a few months.

Hire An Architect

Your builder may have an architect on staff or work with a variety of architects, so you don't have to find one on your own. However you hire one, it's necessary to use an architect to draw up the blueprints for your home. Long before this happens, you'll need to decide on the features you want in the house and the layout. The architect then uses that information to create the plans for the builder.

Watch Your House Being Built

Once construction begins on your home, it could take several months until work is complete. The size and design of your home along with the weather impact how fast your home is built. There won't be much for you to do during this phase other than meet with the builder for updates throughout the process. The builder may use subcontractors to do work on the house, but the builder is responsible for overseeing the entire construction from start to finish to make sure the project stays on track and is finished on schedule.

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