Four Ways To Keep Your Dog Fenced In

Posted on: 31 January 2018


Your yard's fence provides a variety of different functions, from an aesthetic installation to a functional security and privacy barrier. However, your fence can also be a barrier that keeps your dog in your yard and close to home. Understanding some of the ways that you can ensure that your fence serves as a proper barrier for your dog can make it easier for you to customize your fence to fit your needs.

Eliminate Climbing Avenues

The first thing that you should do to keep your dog within the fenced perimeter of your yard is to remove anything from the edges of your yard which may allow for your dog to climb or jump over the top of your fence. This includes removing stumps, garbage cans, and piles of wood – simply relocate them to areas closer to the middle of your yard if necessary.

Roller Bars

One of the easiest things to install on your fence to keep your dog inside the perimeter is a roller bar. Roller bars, as their name would suggest, are free spinning bars that are installed on the top of your fencing panels. This means that if your dog tries to jump over your fence, he won't be able to find a grip on the top to climb over, and will instead safely fall back down on the inside of your yard.

Double Gates

Dogs can also be quite exuberant when a gate in your fence opens, and may make a break for it to greet new visitors or simply in pursuit of a squirrel. Installing a double gate entranceway ensures that even if your dog unexpectedly tries to get out of your yard's enclosure, they will still be safely contained and won't be able to get away from you as long as only one gate is open at a time.

Fence Footers

If your dog likes to dig, and has made it past your fence in the past because of tunnels dug underneath the perimeter of your yard, you may want to consider installing a new fence with a footer instead. These fences usually have excess material that is buried in the ground that is folded backwards into your yard, forming an L shape. This means that even if your dog starts digging at the edge of your fence, they will eventually hit additional material that will prevent them from digging out of your yard.

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