4 Things You Can Do To Minimize Gutter Wear And Tear

Posted on: 10 October 2017


The gutters on your home have the important responsibility of protecting the foundation and structure from water damage. If they're exposed to unnecessary wear and tear, they can break down over time and stop protecting your home as they should. This could lead to the need for gutter repairs and even repairs to the house itself. Here are four things you can do to minimize gutter wear and tear:

Commit to Basic Maintenance

Maintenance is your number one defense against wear and tear. If your gutters aren't properly maintained, they can't do their job and are more likely to succumb to damage of some kind. In addition to cleaning the debris out of your gutters regularly, you should also:

  • Clean debris off of your roof so it doesn't have a chance to fall into your gutter system.

  • Cut away any trees branches that hang over your roof and gutters.

  • Clean away any mildew or mold buildup on and in the gutters.

  • Use a rust removing solution on any rust spots you notice throughout the gutter system.

  • Check all the gutter spikes that connect the gutters to the rafters of your home and replace any that have become loose or disconnected.

You can install gutter guards to catch any debris that falls into the gutters so it's easier to clean them out when the time comes.

Check all the Sealed Spots Regularly

Each section of your gutter is sealed together with special sealant to minimize leaks as time goes on, but the seals can become weak and break down altogether with age. Because of this, it's important to inspect the sealed sections of your gutter system a couple times a year to ensure that they aren't leaking any water.

If water is allowed to continue leaking through your gutters, it can make them more vulnerable to rot and mold, and they can break down to the point of needing repairs or replacements. If you notice any leaks during your inspection, use a gutter sealant to reinforce the leaks or call in a professional to have the leaks sealed.

Get Rid of Your Old Gutters and Go Seamless

If your home is like most, it sports sectional gutters that as previously mentioned have to be sealed together to prevent leakage. But nowadays, there is a new option available on the market that makes the need to seal gutters together a thing of the past. Consider getting rid of your old gutters and installing seamless ones to minimize the chance of leaks.

Seamless gutters are easier to clean than their sectional counterparts, which means less maintenance for you and longer lasting performance for the gutters. Like sectional gutters, seamless options come in a variety of materials and colors so you can customize the look of your home and accommodate any special color schemes that are already in place.

Schedule a Yearly Inspection With a Professional

One of the most important things you can do to minimize gutter wear and tear as well as reduce the need for repairs is to schedule a yearly inspection with a professional service provider. An experienced professional can spot any small problems or inconsistencies that you may miss during maintenance so they can be addressed sooner rather than later, when the problem turns into the need for an expensive repair.

Your service provider will not only inspect the gutters themselves, but all components that are associated with them such as the downspouts and leader heads, fasteners, and offsets to ensure a long life of rain protection for your home overall. Scheduling a yearly inspection with your service provider can save you a lot of heartache and money in the coming years, so don't delay. For more information, contact companies like A-1 Seamless Gutters Inc.