Benefits Of Using Limestone In Your Landscaping

Posted on: 17 August 2017


Limestone can be used in lawns and gardens for a variety of reasons. There are multiple advantages of using limestone in your soil to help if your grass and garden healthy. The following are just a few benefits of using line in your landscaping:

Improve the pH of the Soil

Over time, so oil in your garden or lawn can become acidic because of several factors, such as erosion and decomposed organic material. Limestone can increase the pH level to a more neutral range that is very beneficial to all plants. If the pH remains too acidic or if it becomes alkaline, it will result in a nutrient deficiency in your landscape. The nutritional quality of all your planting will be improved by using limestone in the soil.

Increase the Impact of Herbicides

Because your soil will be improved with the addition of limestone, your plants will be able to retain more water. This also will result in herbicides working more efficiently. Herbicides work best in a neutral pH environment and can break down more quickly.

Keeps Toxins From Getting Into the Soil

When your soil becomes too acidic, there are several nutrients that can elevate to toxic levels. These nutrients include aluminum, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Limestone will keep these nutrients from building up. It will also safely improve the soil's calcium level.

Improve the Good Bacteria in the Soil

Benefit of using limestone in your landscaping is the increase of good bacteria in the soil. Decomposed organic matter will cause soil to become very acidic. Limestone will help break down this matter and create a soil that is more porous. The new soil will then be able to circulate air and absorb water more efficiently. The roots of the plants will grow even deeper, therefore becoming stronger. This will allow plants, grass, or crops to absorb more nutrients and get more water.

Placing Limestone in Your Lawn

Once you decide to use limestone in your landscaping, you need to know how to properly distribute it. It is best to add your limestone to soil while you are preparing for new planting. It needs to be applied before the first frost in the fall. The limestone will continue to absorb it all went to wrong. This will result in better results for your spring growth.

You do not have to be an expert in landscaping to use limestone in your garden. You can find limestone in any home improvement store, such as Small's Sand Gravel Inc, where landscape products are sold.