Maintenance Tips For Your Newly-Installed Hardwood Floor

Posted on: 27 June 2017


if you've finally taken the time to have a new hardwood floor installed, you may be thrilled about the way it looks but concerned about your ability to keep it that way. Using the maintenance tips here, you'll be able to enjoy the new floor for some time.

Take Off Your Shoes

While your hardwood floor might be sealed to withstand foot traffic and minor spills, you might dispense with the idea of wearing shoes altogether in the space where the floor has been installed. That will mean less scuffing and fewer stains to deal with. You could also ask that people walk on the space in socks so that they don't leave footprints here and there if you think your family will stick with that suggestion.

Vacuum the Floor

While you might be ready to use a sturdy dust mop for picking up hair, dust, lint, crumbs and other particles, a good vacuuming each week can also help you clear off your floor. By directly sucking up any debris, you don't have to worry about wiping anything across the floor. The vacuum can allow you to clean the floor quickly and move on to other home tasks.

Use a Crayon for Scratches

If you notice that your floor has already got a few scratches, you may be worried. Luckily, there's a trick you can use to help fix the appearance of the floor. Using a brown crayon that matches well with your floor, draw directly in the scratches themselves. Depending on the depth of the scratches, you may opt to get out a hairdryer that will melt down the crayon material and you can slowly and carefully buff with a clean cloth. When you're done, your floor should show little or no signs of scratching.

Avoid Vinegar

Some people enjoy using well-diluted vinegar to wipe their hardwood floor. However, depending on the finish or sealant used on your flooring, the acetic acid in vinegar could affect it. Avoid liquids unless you are sure they have been formulated for use on floors like yours. That way you can be sure to avoid damage or filmy residue that makes the floor looks unsightly. Ask your installer about cleaners that are safe for your particular floor.

By using some of the above advice, your new floor can be beautiful. Talk to your floor installation contractor for additional pointers you can use, or contact a company like Costen Floors Inc.