Bathtub Refinishing Questions And Concerns

Posted on: 2 February 2017


The tub can be the centerpiece of your bathroom, but it will be subjected to intense usage over the years. This can result in the bathtub suffering wear and tear that may compromise its look. For those with older bathtubs, refinishing may be an option that should be considered.

Why Should You Opt To Refinish Your Bathtub?

When a bathtub's surface has suffered staining, scratching or any other cosmetic problems, it can be extremely difficult or impossible to remove. Luckily, refinishing can be used for many of these problems, and it can restore the appearance of your bathtub without you needing to purchase a new one. While refinishing a bathtub can be somewhat expensive and time-consuming, it can be the far more economical option for correcting the appearance of your bathtub.

What Is Involved With A Bathtub Refinishing Project?

While it is technically possible for you to refinish a bathtub without professional help, it is often advised to hire a contractor for this task. If you make mistakes when refinishing the bathtub, you can ruin its appearance or cause serious structural damage to it.

During the first step of the refinishing process, the top layer of the bathtub is sanded until any stains or scratches are removed. Next, the porcelain is thoroughly cleaned so that the finish will be able to bond to its surface. Once the coat of finish is applied, it will need several hours to a day or longer to fully dry and cure. During this time, you will be unable to use the bathtub, and you will need to make other bathing arrangements. For this reason, you should consider staggering these projects if you have multiple bathtubs that are needing to be refinished.

How Can You Protect The Finish Of Your Bathtub Against Future Wear And Tear?

In order to ensure that your bathtub stays in the best condition possible, you will want to make sure that you are taking steps to care for the tub's finish. To do this, it is necessary to regularly clean the bathtub. Soap scum and dirt can gradually wear away the protective finish, which can lead to serious staining. Furthermore, you will want to ensure that you keep a bathtub finish repair kit available. These kits will allow you to quickly patch damage to the finish that occurs from scratches or other light damage. While these kits may not completely restore the appearance of the bathtub, they can provide a layer of protection over the porous porcelain, which can limit the risk of stains developing.

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