Fiberglass Doors: Why Your Home Needs One Today

Posted on: 3 January 2017


If your entry doors are wood or steel and beginning to wear down and need to be replaced, it's time to seriously consider whether you want to replace them with the same type of material or if you need to try something new. If you use wood or steel again, they're simply going to deteriorate at the same rate again and you'll have to replace them "x" amount of months down the road. However, if you go with an alternative material, you won't have to worry about this. Some homeowners are beginning to choose fiberglass doors for the numerous benefits that they offer, especially when compared to wood and steel doors. Here are a few of them:


First off, fiberglass doors can mimic the appearance of a wood grain door and are available in a variety of textures as well as paint and stain colors. You can also have decorative glass added to the doors, just as you would to a wood or steel door. The door can ultimately be customized to match your specific preferences and needs.


In cold temperatures and humid climates, wood doors tend to warp and rot. If they absorb moisture, they will warp and twist. With steel doors, they have the tendency to rust, scratch, and dent, especially if they are not well taken care of. Fiberglass doors, on the other hand, will never warp, crack, shrink, split, or rot. They're more durable than either wood or steel.

Energy Efficiency

One of the greatest things about fiberglass doors is that they are highly energy efficient, which is something that homeowners need to be more focused on nowadays. While it is true that steel doors are also energy efficient, you are going to feel the coolness inside if it is cold outside since steel isn't the best heat insulator. Then, of course, wood doesn't hold up well to humidity. However, fiberglass holds up well in the heat and cold and is an excellent insulator. In fact, it is said to offer as much as four times the R-Value of a wood door.


Fiberglass doors are extremely low-maintenance. Unlike wood, fiberglass doors are resistant to warping and rooting. Unlike steel doors, fiberglass doors are resistant to denting and rusting. As a general rule, you just need to keep the door clean with a little bit of mild detergent and water.

To learn more about fiberglass doors and how they can improve your home, consult with a fiberglass door contractor today.