Need To Install A New Shower Door? 3 Easy Tips To Protect It From Breaking

Posted on: 23 November 2016


Whether you had the unfortunate event of experiencing a shower door shatter or you just have an old door that is on its last leg, you might be in the market for purchasing a replacement. This process is not that challenging because you can have a professional come over to assess the situation. They can make sure you end up with a new shower door that matches the exact layout of your bathroom. But, the main thing you may be concerned about is having this new addition breaking unexpectedly. It is a good idea to consider a few things both before and during your shopping experience to avoid this issue.

Put Grab Bars in the Shower

When you or a family member takes a shower, you want to make sure they won't slip and fall. Investing in a shower traction mat is certainly an option, but getting grab bars for the shower is often enough. If anyone were to lose their balance, they could grab onto the bars and gain composure again. This will prevent them from possibly leaning or falling into the shower door, which could lead to the door breaking.

Do Not Get Clear Glass

Clear glass is a normal choice for a shower door, but you should consider the fact that when it is clean, someone may not notice that it is closed and walk right into it as they enter the shower. If a person collides with the shower door with enough force, the door could crack or shatter. It is best to get frosted glass or at least a design that prevents anyone from making this particular mistake.

Get It Professionally Installed

Although you can always go online and purchase a shower door for your bathroom after taking measurements, attempting to install it on your own could lead to some future problems. You might think that it is securely installed because you have no prior experience with installing these doors, but an improperly installed door can easily break. It could unhinge itself from the mounting setup and end up shattering on the ground in pieces. Having a professional install the shower door will ensure that you have a well-secured shower door.

When you are willing to do all three of these things when adding a shower door to your bathroom, you will minimize the chances of having it crack or shatter on you throughout the years.

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