7 Tips For Protecting Your Home's Crawl Space From Pests

Posted on: 18 October 2016


Whether or not you want to face it, your home's crawl space could be a haven for pests ranging from mice to roaches. You could even run into a squirrel in the area. To keep the area pest-free and prevent the pests from moving into the rest of your home, here are some pest control strategies to use.  

  1. Repair foundation cracks. One of the most accessible methods of entry for pests to the crawl space is the foundational wall. Repairing the wall is not only a means to keep pests out, but it helps to make your home more structurally sound. 

  2. Install a vapor barrier. Pests need water to survive. If your crawl space does not have a proper barrier against moisture, water can build up in the area and be a welcoming sign to pests looking for a home.  

  3. Insulate plumbing pipes. Any pipes that are running through your crawl space could provide the water pests need. A slow leak can also invite the development of mold. When the pipes are insulated, any moisture that is in the area will not cause them to rust and leak.  

  4. Check your gutters and downspouts. Ideally, the water from the gutters should be directed to the downspouts and then diverted away from the home. However, changes in the positioning of the gutters can cause the water to be pushed back towards the home. Periodically checking the position of them can ensure the water is going in the right direction. 

  5. Close the foundation vents. Foundation vents are designed to help push humid air out of the home. However, in high humid times, the humidity can cause the humid air to rise and create moisture in the crawlspace. Closing the vents when the humidity levels are high can help to keep moisture at bay. Moisture in those spaces usually means pests and mold are around the corner.

  6. Replace the crawl space screen. If your crawl space is missing screens or they are in poor condition, pests can take advantage and enter the home. Once you have replaced the screens, make it a habit to inspect the screens on a monthly basis to ensure they are still in good condition. 

  7. Update your insulation. Over time, the insulation in the crawl space can become worn. When this happens, the area becomes more attractive to pests. If the insulation is worn, replacing it is not only good for keeping pests out, but it also helps to keep energy costs down. 

Work with professionals, such as a contractor and a pest control technician, to keep your home safe from pests. For more information, visit this website.