3 Fall Siding Maintenance Steps

Posted on: 1 September 2016


This fall, as you prepare your house for winter, make sure that you don't forget about taking care of your siding. Here are three maintenance steps you should take this fall to ensure that your siding is ready for winter. 

#1 Scrub Away Debris From Your Siding

Over the course of the year, it is common for dirt and other debris to become stuck to the side of your home. It is also common for spiders and other little bugs to make their homes on your siding. 

During the fall is a great time to clean your siding. You can create your own siding cleaning solution by mixing trisodium phosphate with warm water. Be sure to use the appropriate amount of trisodium phosphate based on the amount of water that you use; there should be a chart on the bottle of the trisodium phosphate to assist you with this. 

Use a soft scrub brush with a long handle, like the one you would use to wash your car with, together with the cleaning solution to remove any dirt buildup that you see on your siding. Be sure to rinse away the cleaning solution.

#2 Power Wash Your Siding

After you have used the cleaning solution to remove all the obvious dirt from your siding, you should go back over your siding with a power washer. A power washer will remove all the dust and dirt that is not obvious to the naked eye and will take care of any insects still hanging around and trying to make a home out of your siding.

When you use the power washer, make sure that you protect yourself by wearing long sleeves, pants, shoes and protective eyewear as the pressure can be really intense and you want to keep yourself safe. 

Also, as you work, try to work top to bottom, left to right to ensure that you effectively wash all of your siding and to ensure that the dirt continues to fall downward as you wash. 

#3 Fix Loose Siding Boards

Finally, you need to fix any loose siding boards. When you are cleaning, keep an eye out for any loose boards. If you find any boards that are loose and not secured to your home, you will want to use some nails to put them back in place. You don't want them to remain loose during the winter; loose siding could allow water to enter your house and cause extensive damage.

If you find any siding that is damaged or has holes in it, call up your local siding contractor and see if they can replace the damaged boards before winter really starts. 

For more information, contact Side-Pro, Inc. or a similar company.