Clever Ways To Camouflage And Conceal Your Electronics Cords Around The House

Posted on: 12 August 2016


If you are tired of looking at the wires and cords that lead to all of your home's electronic devices, try some tips to cover-up and conceal these eyesores. From your internet router to lamp-cords, there are some clever ways to camouflage these details to give your room a seamless, even artistic appearance.

Some clever ways to tuck your electronics' cords out of sight are:

  • Fence them in. Perhaps the easiest way to cover up your wires and cords is to hide them behind something, such as a faux fence or dressing screen to keep them concealed.
  • Dress them up. If your cords hang below your entertainment center or desk, try dressing them up using fabric and magnets. Create a stylish barrier that keeps the cords tucked out of view, behind a piece of fabric that is cleverly positioned.
  • Up and away. In some homes, it makes most sense to tuck the cords and wires up and in your ceiling. This works in homes with suspended ceilings that can be easily maneuvered to allow for threading cords out of sight.
  • Create something. Incorporate the cords along a wall into wall art cool wall-art, such as using the wire as a tree branch. Get inspired and create birds, foliage, or other designs integrating the cord, which you secure to the wall with adhesive.
  • Wrap them. Wrap each cord with an attractive fabric or jute cord to make them more aesthetically-appealing when it is difficult to completely hide them away.
  • In the closet. Keep devices and cords out of sight by routing to a closet. This may involve altering the closet in some way, such as drilling holes in your sheet-rock. Talk to electricians about running power to the closet for the most convenient approach.
  • Box them up. A cable management box is a box with holes that allow for your cords, devices, or wires to be in one spot, that is pretty from the outside. You can make your own, using a simple shoe-box that you can decorate to match your room's theme, or you can purchase these at most electronics retailers.
  • In a book. A clever way to hide your internet router is to remove the cover from a hard-backed book. Use this  faux book for your router, as it should easily slide in the middle giving the appearance of a book on your entertainment center, desk, or shelf.

Don't fret over visible electronic cords and wires; get creative and cover them up! Don't let your electronics' cords take away from your room or compromise your interior design. Try these tips to keep cords hidden, or turn them into something beautiful that complements your space.