Are Your Windows Prepared For A Hurricane?

Posted on: 18 May 2016


One of the challenges of living in a part of the country that is prone to hurricanes is keeping your home safe. Even if the hurricane itself is many miles away, the strong winds can end up causing a lot of damage to your home, with your windows being the most vulnerable part. Make sure you are prepared before the hurricane comes.

Why You Should Be Prepared

Since your windows contain glass, they are especially vulnerable to breaking from winds or flying debris. If a window becomes broken during a storm, you could end up with strong winds ravaging your home, water damage from the rain that gets inside, and potentially put anybody in your home in danger of becoming injured. It's even possible that your roof could become damaged due to a broken window.

How To Protect Your Home's Windows

There are several ways that you can protect your windows.


Plywood is an effective solution that can be done at the last-minute if necessary. You simply use place it over the window on the outside of the home to protect it from high winds and debris.

Make sure your plywood is at least 5/8" thick so you have adequate protection. You also want the plywood to be slightly larger than the window so that the board is resting against your home as opposed to the window frame itself. Keep that in mind when you are installing anchors into your home's exterior wall.


If you want something that looks a bit nicer than plywood, hurricane shutters are a great investment. Unlike the decorative shutters on most homes, these shutters actually serve a function by having the ability to close and offer protection. Hurricane shutters can be operated by a crank from the inside of your home, or need to be manually closed and latched shut.

Hurricane Windows

Consider upgrading all of the windows in your home so that they can withstand the dangerous conditions of hurricanes. Installing hurricane windows will provide you the best chance of the glass not breaking, especially if you combine that with other methods.

Window Film

While a window film will not do much to protect a window from impact damage, it will help contain the glass if it does shatter. The film holds the windows together just like a car's windshield, so there will be less of a chance of glass flying around in your home if all other methods fail to protect the window.

For more advice about protecting your windows during a hurricane, speak with a local window contractor or company like Fas Windows and Doors