Tips For Creating A Beautiful Garden Path

Posted on: 12 April 2016


One of the great joys of having a garden is strolling among the plantings. While it's certainly possible to tread along between the plants without creating a path, an installed walkway elevates the beauty. Not only does a pathway protect your landscaping, but it also adds to the visual interest of the scenery. Plan a pretty garden path that complements your landscaping.

Curve it Around

When planning your garden path, create at least one shallow curve along the way. As the Landscaping Network points out, a curved path works well in a garden because the arcs encourage visitors to keep strolling to discover what's around the bend. Such a walkway also gives the more casual ambience typical of a garden. Even if there's no natural curvature in the space between destinations, create one with how you lay the path and landscaping.

Create Destinations

One way to create curves is to design destinations. If the distance between two spots is straight, create a small impediment with a pretty installation. For example, plant an ornamental tree and set up a bench for lounging. Alternatively, install a fountain surrounded by pretty landscaping. You could also set up an arbor with climbing plants and plan the path so it goes through this charming detour. Another option is to curve the path so that it overlooks a destination, such as a pretty mini garden on the other side of the yard.

Install Pavers

For a natural garden pathway, pavers are a prime material. You can select natural stone, brick or concrete pavers that mimic another material. Contractors like those at Central Arizona Block also have several options for how they lay the pavers. If choosing brick or brick-look pavers, consider a basket weave or herringbone pattern. If choosing a cobblestone-look pathway, choose one of the random, seamless patterns available. Otherwise, select large pavers laid at a natural tread pattern, and allow the landscaping the show between them.

Landscape along the Sides

Encourage your visitors to stay on the path by landscaping along the sides of it. The landscaping can be somewhat formalized. For example, you can enhance a manufactured curve by stacking pavers and creating a flower bed on top. Likewise, guide guests with pretty and fragrant plantings. Plant a rose or otherwise fragrant shrub around a bend. Additionally, plant low-lying flowers, such as petunias and peonies, to make a cheerful accompaniment along the straightaways. If opting for spaced pavers, plant pretty groundcover to save the soil. Thyme offers fragrant stepping, while Irish moss is a sturdy and attractive groundcover plant.

Inspire visitors to meander through your garden with a beautiful pathway.