Why Is Your Deck Stain Peeling?

Posted on: 30 December 2015


After staining your deck, you go through great pains to make sure it is regularly swept and cleaned so that your hard work lasts as long as possible. Imagine your despair when you notice the stain is starting to peel off your deck. Why did this happen? Unfortunately, there are a few different likely causes.

The Adhesion

The stain can sometimes not stick correctly to the wood once applied which might cause it to start to peel up. There are a few ways you can prevent this from happening and a couple reasons it might not be sticking.

Your deck needs some time before staining to be exposed to the elements. The wood needs to dry out, and if it's allowed to sit for a while when you stain, it will be less likely to peel. Before you stain you need to clean the deck. This means using a solution that will get rid of the dirt and soil that might be there. It will help it adhere better if it's applied to a clean surface. You also want to strip a deck that's been previously stained as it might not adhere to the old stain and could peel.

The last reason it might not be sticking the way it should is that you're using the wrong kind of stain. Make sure you are using a stain that is made for outdoors, decks are exposed to the elements so using a stain for furniture is not going to do it.

Over Application

If you put too much on the deck then the top layer is going to start to peel off. The moisture that gets on the wood from rain cannot dry all the way when the sun hits it and results in peeling.

Additional layers of stain are not necessary. You want the wood to be able to breathe so it is important to remember less is always more. Make sure you use a brush so the stain goes down into the wood and doesn't lay thickly on the top. A good way to check if your deck can take more stain is to spray some water on it. If it beads up then don't restain it. If it can't absorb water, it won't be able to absorb stain.

Examine your deck and consider testing a small place of the deck with the stain you have purchased to make sure it will work out before staining the entire deck. You should also avoid buying the cheapest deck stain you can find and make sure you read the label to ensure the stain is ideal for outdoor usage. This will save you a lot of time and frustration when it comes to your new deck stain peeling. If you have severe problems with your deck, consider contacting a painting contractor, such as AAA Action Painting, for help.