Window Leaks at the Bottom of the Frame? Temporarily Repair It With These Tips

Posted on: 23 November 2015


If water leaks from the bottom of your window's frame, there could be damage in the foundation around the window. Water can cause many problems in your home if it soaks into the foundation, such as mold and wood rot. In most cases, you'll need to replace the window and damaged foundation to keep these problems from happening. Until a contractor replaces your window, there are simple tips you can use to stop the leaking water temporarily. If you don't stop the leak right away, the water can damage your flooring and cause mold in the home. Here's what you do.

Gather Your Materials

To seal the leak, choose a sealant that your replacement window contractors can remove easily later on. One product that works well for your situation is removable weatherstrip caulk, which you can find at your local hardware store. The material forms a tight waterproof seal around window frames and other applications until you pull it off with a caulking knife. 

Also, purchase a caulk gun to apply the sealant and a plastic spatula to smooth out the material after you place it. Now, it's time to repair the leak.

Seal the Leak

It's a good idea that you clean the area between the leaky frame and wall before you apply the sealant. Dirt, dust and cobwebs can interfere with the way the sealant adheres to the damage area.

Here's what you do:

  1. Fill a bucket with cold water and three teaspoonfuls of mild dish detergent to avoid peeling or damaging the paint on your wall. 
  2. Use a soft chamois towel to gently clean the area. Pay close attention to the area hidden beneath the window frame, as it can harbor dead insects and balls of dust. You may want to use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove these problems.
  3. Dry the area with a fan for 30 minutes, then apply your sealant.
  4. Place a thin line of sealant along the joint of the leaky window frame. 
  5. Use your spatula to smooth the material as close to the joint as you can. 
  6. Place a second line of sealant over the first application, then wait 24-48 hours for the material to dry. 

The sealant will keep the water out of your home until the contractor arrives. If water redirects to another area around the window, follow the tips above to repair the leaks.

If you're looking to replace your windows, consider contacting a specialist, such as Allstate Gutter & Siding, to discuss any questions or concerns.