Three Tips To Help Deal With Foundation Settling And The Beginning Of Structural Damage

Posted on: 30 August 2015


The foundation of your home supports the structural loads in your home. Damage can cause major headaches like leaks in your basement. If the structure starts to settle, the foundation problems can be seen in other areas, such as sagging openings or cracks in exterior finishes. If you want to put a stop to your foundation problems, here are some tips to get the problems fixed:

1. Repairing Cracked Foundation Walls With Waterproofing Treatment

If you have a home on a basement, cracks in the foundation walls can lead to water problems. To keep the water out, you can have the cracks sealed with a special sealant. The sealant will be applied to the crack to seal it and prevent leaks. It will also act as an adhesive, joining the sections of cracked concrete together to prevent further structural damage. You may also want to have the concrete patched. If settling is severe and a problem, wall bracing systems can also be added to provide more structural support.

2. Correcting Settling And Poor Footings With Pier Support Systems

Sometimes, the problem with the foundation of your home may be that the footings were not properly built in the first place. In these cases, pier systems with jacks can be used to support areas where the foundation is failing. The piers are driven deep in the ground until they reach solid footing to provide your footings and home with structural support. There is also another method of soil grouting that can be used, which is where a concrete slurry mixture is used to create the piers beneath the foundation.

3. Dealing With Soft Soils Using A Tensioned Concrete Repair Method

In some areas, soft soil can be a problem with home foundations. This can cause the foundation to settle unevenly or sink in the soil. With new construction, sometimes tensioned concrete can be used to ensure that the foundation settles evenly. This method can also be used to repair settling and prevent future problems with the foundation. Tensioned concrete systems use steel cables that are installed beneath your foundation, and then tension is applied to the foundation. This makes your foundation more stable and allows it to settle evenly.

These are some tips to help you deal with foundation damage that leads to structural damage. If you notice problems with your foundation and signs of settling, contact a foundation repair contractor, like RAC Construction Company, to get the help you need repair the problem.