Taking Care Of Personal Items During A Remodeling Job

Posted on: 3 August 2015


If you are in the process of having your home remodeled, you most likely have a schedule set for several different contractors to come in to do their work. While your home is being revamped, furniture and other items will need to be moved to new locations so the workers will have enough room to do their jobs. Here are a few tips to use when removing items from the area where remodeling will happen.

Remove Well In Advance

You will want to remove all items from the rooms being remodeled way before contractors start doing their work. Allow yourself a month or so to remove items in a way where they are not just thrown into a pile in another room or in storage. Organizing your belongings before the remodeling takes place will be very helpful when it comes time to decorate your newly constructed area. Keep a list of where you place your belongings so you will be able to find them easily. If you keep the items in a storage unit, draw a map of the interior of your unit, labeling the locations where important items are kept so they can be accessed when you wish.

Take Away Unwanted Items

Now would be a great time to sift through your belongings, eliminating things you no longer have a use for. Call in a junk removal service like Ground Effects Hauling Inc to take away large items so you do not need to put them back into a newly remodeled area. If you have belongings you believe have value but you do not wish to keep them, have a sale on your property or list them in a local newspaper or social media group to get money in exchange.

Cover And Store

Larger items should be covered with furniture bags or large pieces of plastic and stored in another room or storage unit until they can be safely brought back to the completely remodeled room. Covering items is important to keep away any dust or debris from the work the contractors are doing if the items are not stored far from the area. You may wish to do the same with items in rooms adjacent to where the work is being done. Putting door sweeps or draft blockers along the bottoms of doors can help keep this dust out of rooms where important items are being stored. Keep smaller items in plastic storage containers with air-tight lids.