Side Eye: Take A Look At The Side Of Your House If You Have Roof Leaks

Posted on: 16 July 2015


If you've been experiencing ceiling leaks, your first thought was probably to call a roofing contractor to have the roof looked at. But what if those leaks are in the ceiling of a room that isn't on the top floor? Or what if there's no damage to your roof that could be causing the leak, but the leak you see is in a room on the top floor? Sometimes "roof leaks" are actually located on the side of your house. Despite the odd location, a roofing contractor can still help you find the source of the leaks and rule out additional problems with the roof itself.

Wind-Driven Rain

What's happening in cases where there's a leak with no apparent roof damage is that the wind is driving the rain into the side of the house, and the rain is finding its way in through tiny cracks. These are often areas that weren't caulked properly, such as around windows. The "seams" between floors on some buildings can also be hotspots for leaks if siding doesn't cover the whole side of the house.

Roof Leaks Still Possible

At the same time, don't assume the cause is always a patch of bad caulking if you see one of these odd leaks. It's also possible that a roof leak is to blame, with the water dripping down between walls to lower floors. When water enters a home through the roof, it doesn't start dripping into the room immediately below the initial point of entry. It can run along beams and the floor of the crawlspace or attic until it finds a weak point. Sometimes that weak point can bring the water down inside a wall, rather than right through the ceiling.

If you find leaks like these, call a roofer first. You should verify the condition of the roof and work your way down. In other words, have the roofers inspect the roof and give it the all-clear or fix whatever they find. Then have the windows and other areas along the sides of the house inspected. Many times these side-entry leaks can simply be caulked shut, but you have to be sure you're closing up the correct caulking. Remember that with leaks, there can be multiple points of entry to the home.

Inspect Ahead of Time

You can also head trouble off at the pass by having a contractor inspect your roof before the rainy season in your area begins. Once you've ensured the roof is in good shape, you can have other contractors such as window companies take a look at the caulking around the windows. It's always better to prevent leaks, rather than waiting for them to happen.

If you'd like to be sure you're not going to have water seeping into your house this year, call a roofing contractor to start the inspection process. This will be money well-spent because peace of mind is worth more than any inspection fee. For more information, contact a roofing contractor like those at A1 Everlast Construction.