Roof Maintenance Tips For The Summer Months

Posted on: 17 June 2015


Being a homeowner requires a year round commitment to maintenance, especially when it comes to your roof. For many homeowners, this can be challenging and seem overwhelming. However, making a seasonal maintenance schedule can help simplify the process for you. Since the blazing heat of summer is quickly approaching, here are a handful of summer roof maintenance tips to get you started.

Have an Inspection

Have your roof inspected. The high winds of fall and heavy snowfall of winter can be especially harsh on your roof. Having your roof inspected in the summer, before this inclement weather arrives, can help ensure your roof is in good condition and prepared before the seasons progress.

As part of the inspection, a roofing professional will look over the condition of your shingles, specifically looking for any loose ends that would increase the likelihood of the shingle detaching during a strong fall breeze. The inspection professional will also analyze the structural integrity of your roof, ensuring it is equipped to accommodate the weight of heavy snowfall.

Clean Your Gutters

Set aside some time to clean your gutters during the summer. Debris can easily accumulate in your gutters and cause a blockage. Once this happens, rain will be unable to properly flow off your roof and away from your home, setting the stage for a potentially costly roof leak.

Cleaning your gutters during the summer ensures they are free and clear before fall arrives. This is especially important since the fall is the time of the year when the leaves begin to fall off the trees. This is a fairly simple task and there are a number of gutter cleaning wands that allow you to safely clean your gutters from the ground.

Block Hiding Spaces

Once the colder temperatures begin to arrive, smaller animals like squirrels, raccoons and birds can nestle in and call your attic home. In the process of preparing the space for their habitat, these animals can do a significant amount of damage to your roof, including loosening your shingles or tearing apart the soffits around your eaves.

The best way to keep these animals out is to place a mesh guard over the vents, eaves and other open areas on your roof. You can also trim back any tree limbs that hang over your roof since this is how most animals get on your roof in the first place.

When you make roof maintenance a priority, you don't just save money, but you can extend the life of your roof. Make certain you are keeping roof maintenance a priority. For more information, contact a professional like those at Slaughter Roofing Co.