Diagnosing Problems With A Garage Door

Posted on: 2 February 2015


What do you do when your garage door does not work like it should? Getting your car stuck inside or outside of your garage can really ruin your day. If your car gets stuck inside your garage, you will not be able to get to work or appointments like you should. If your car gets stuck outside your garage, it will not be as safe as it should be.

There is no reason to feel stuck if you know how to diagnose problems with your garage door. 

Opener Problems

If you push the button on your remote and nothing happens with your garage door, then the problem is not necessarily with your door. Your first step should be to try to open your door with the wall opener. If the garage door opens, then you need to check the batteries on your remote. It is easy to assume that there is nothing you can do to fix your door. One of the first lessons to learn when fixing a garage door is to not overlook the small things. 

Problems with the Wheels

Garage doors will have rollers that guide the garage door up and down the rails. If you don't take care of these wheels, they can get stuck and begin to drag. This dragging will cause the wheels to wear unevenly. Once these wheels wear, your only option is to replace the wheels. To prevent this from happening, you need to make sure that any time that you hear the wheels start to squeak, you treat them with penetrating oil to make sure they move smoothly and properly. 

Problems with the Gears

If your garage door is jerky or if it will start to open then stops, then starts, then stops, etc., you likely have problems with your gears. You can buy kits to replace these gears on your own, but this a more complex repair than changing out batteries or oiling the wheels. If you don't feel comfortable in your ability to work on the gears, you can call a professional to make repairs for you. 

Some garage door repairs are well within the ability of the average homeowners. Rather than call a garage door repair technician at the first sign of trouble, your best bet is to try to do what you can on your own first. If you make your own best effort, and you still can't get your door working, there is no shame in calling in a professional.