Tips When Buying Commercial Glass Doors

Posted on: 22 January 2015


Several varieties of commercial glass doors exist to meet the needs of different climates, building orientations, and door use and placement. For example, it's common for northern buildings to have two sets of exterior doors at each entrance to lower heating costs. However, these doors are not installed in the same manner.

Key Pass

Apartments and businesses have a key pass system to restrict access to the building. Decide which set of doors will open automatically when someone approaches and which will only open when you swipe an access card. If you live in a windy area, then it is probably prudent to program the inner doors for access cards. It prevents dirt and moisture from damaging the computerized unit.

Let the glass company representative know how you want each set of doors wired since they will most likely be different sizes. Building entrances can vary slightly in width and height between the two sets of doors.

Hydraulic Lift

Factories, car repair shops, and similar enterprises prefer bi-fold doors. Designs that lift upwards are more of a theft deterrent due to the heavy weight of lifting these doors. Standard models have a winch, but you will probably want the option of a hydraulic lift. Sit at your desk sipping coffee and simply push the remote control.

Weather Demands

Businesses located in a hurricane zone or tornado alley need more than standard commercial glass. Choose high-impact glass that will withstand hurricane-force winds. It's an added layer of protection when your business is most vulnerable.

If your company is in the desert, then intense sunlight is a continual problem. It increases energy costs and fades draperies, carpeting, and furniture placed near the doors. Choose dark tinting to eliminate this problem. Moreover, you won't have any issues with glare.

Pre-Assembled or Do-It-Yourself

Pre-assembled doors have a higher purchase price but not necessarily a higher cost overall. If you have handyman skills, then you can install a pre-assembled door quickly and without the hassle of a do-it-yourself project. You'll need a helper due to the weight and size.

You must install each individual component one at a time and finally install the completed doors when choosing the do-it-yourself option. Otherwise, you face the labor costs of paying a qualified person to assemble and install the door. This can negate any savings when compared to the price of the pre-assembled product.

Kick Plate

If your company serves the public or has disabled employees, then opt for kick plates on your doors. They are metal plates attached to the bottom of the door that extend to about 10 inches from the ground. They protect the glass from scratching or chipping when it's banged with wheelchairs or walkers.

Ask a glass door specialist, like Township Glass & Mirror, any questions you have about the doors you need for you business. They can ensure that you get the door to withstand your weather and everyday needs.