Benefits Of Installing Automated Gates

Posted on: 7 January 2015


Automated gates are systems that allow homeowners to enter or exit their home's driveway without having to get out of their car. Many homeowners are recognizing the advantages they can enjoy by installing this kind of gate on their property. Below are listed just a few of these benefits.

Greater Security

One of the greatest advantages provided by automated gates is that they can significantly enhance the security of your home. Intruders find it virtually impossible to force open the geared motors that automated gates use. For additional security, mag locks can be added to your automated gate. This lock uses a powerful electromagnet to hold the gate shut. Automated gates can be made even more burglar resistant by the addition of spikes at the top. All of this acts as a deterrent for anyone considering breaking into your home.

Increased Convenience

Automated gates are a tremendous convenience when you want to leave or enter your property. With the handheld controller, you can activate the gate without actually having to get in or out of your car. This lets you stay dry regardless of the weather outside. When you have a second controller located inside the home, it allows you to open the gate for any visitors you might want to let it. You can also have additional remote controls if your family has several cars with multiple drivers.

Extremely Robust

How long your automated gate will last and how much maintenance it will require will largely depend on the material you choose for your gate. Some gates are going to require more maintenance than others. For instance, if you choose to install an automated gate made of wood, it will have to be occasionally repainted or re-stained. Most people choose metal for their automated gate, since it is extremely durable and long-lasting. Moreover, they don't require as much maintenance as a wooden gate. Still, if you prefer a wooden automated gate, it can last for many years if well-maintained.

Impressive Appearance

Another benefit provided by automated gates is their impressive appearance. Usually tall and wide, they automatically swing open to reveal your property to visitors. Because of the range of materials, sizes and styles available, you can easily find an automated gate design that works well with your home's architectural style and landscape. If you have limited space for a gate, you can choose a sliding automated gate. Many companies can now automate existing gates if you're particularly fond of the ones you already have.

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