Give Your Home A New Look With These Different Ideas For Using Epoxy With Hardwood Flooring

Posted on: 27 December 2014


There are many different types of flooring you can have installed in your home, but few are as durable and aesthetically pleasing as hardwood flooring. You may still want to have something that is a little different from some of the conventional hardwood flooring installations. This may be combining materials like tile with hardwood, or adding patterns to your hardwood flooring. If you want to give your home a different look with your new hardwood flooring, here are four ideas that will help you:

1. Combining Hardwood Flooring With Epoxy  

Adding epoxy to your flooring design is affordable, and it will give your hardwoods a completely different look. This can be done with clear and colored epoxies, and many types of hardwoods. If you want to combine colors and patterns with your hardwood flooring, epoxy materials will give you many options for the design you want with your floors.

2. Using Clear Epoxy For 3D Flooring Illusion

Epoxy can also be used to create a 3D illusion in your flooring. The hardwood flooring can be installed, leaving spaces for epoxy to be placed in some of the rows. Before the epoxy is installed, materials such as tile, rocks or thin strips of wood can be put in place. These will be thinner and lower than the main finished hardwood, and when the clear epoxy coat is applied evenly on the entire floor, it will appear as if the thinner materials are beneath a floating surface.

3. Floorings Of Different Thicknesses With The Help Of Epoxy

One of the problems you may have when choosing hardwoods is different thicknesses of products. If you want to create patterns with different materials, epoxy coatings can help to make up the difference in thickness of materials. This can be good if you want to create a pattern in your floor with conventional hardwoods like oak and alternative flooring like bamboo that is not as thick.

4. Rough-cut Lumber Floors With An Epoxy Finish

If you have, a home that has a rustic design to is, like a cabin, rough-cut lumber can be great.  It is affordable, and will give your home a truly rustic look. To finish this type of flooring, a coat of epoxy can be used, which will bring out the natural colors of the wood and give it a good protective coating that will last.

These are some of the things that you can do with epoxy and wood flooring products. The possibilities are limitless, and if you are thinking about doing one of these types of flooring, contact a professional flooring contractor, like A & D Hardwood Flooring Llc, to get the perfect floors for your home.