3 Common Maintenance Issues That Can Lead To Customer Injuries In A Commercial Setting

Posted on: 22 December 2014


When you are the owner or operator of a commercial business, one of your number one priorities is the safety of every customer that walks in your door. As much time and effort as you put into employee training and proper safety procedures, there is one thing that is easy to forget: The condition of your business itself can be the starting point for a potential safety hazard. Therefore, building maintenance is a crucial key in providing a safe shopping arena for your patrons. Here are three of the most common maintenance issues that could easily lead to an injury.

Cracked Windows

Glass is often a major component in the functional business setting, whether it is in display cases or store windows. If a glass structure becomes cracked or compromised, you may be tempted to just leave the glass in place until you can get a repair professional on the scene. This is, unfortunately, a huge mistake. No matter how sturdy a piece of broken glass may look because of its frame, it can fall to pieces with little disturbance, which could easily pose a threat. Any area where broken or cracked glass is apparent should be blocked from customer traffic temporarily.

A Bad Roof

the commercial roof does not often get a lot of attention simply because it is out of sight. However, a simple compromise in the structure of your roof can lead to an array of safety concerns. The most obvious risk would be associated with leaks that could lead to a slip and trip hazard. However, many leaks are undetected and can pose a threat to the building's electrical wiring or even create issues with mold, which are both safety risks to be considered.

You should have a professional commercial roofing contractor keep a close eye on your roof's condition by having a routine maintenance check annually unless you spot signs of trouble.

Poor Lighting

It may be just a simple blown fluorescent bulb or missing fixture to you, but a bad light also reduces visibility in your store. Reduced visibility can mean that spills and trip hazards will go unnoticed by not just your customers, but the employees who need to spot these issues first. Therefore, all lighting within your building should be maintained regularly and problems immediately addressed.

With all of the things in a commercial setting that can take up your attention and time, simple maintenance tasks are easy to disregard or put off for another day. However, you should know that doing so could be putting your own customers at risk, which is exactly what you need to avoid. (For more questions about commercial roofs, contact a company such as Bell Roof Co)