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Bathtub Refinishing Questions And Concerns

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The tub can be the centerpiece of your bathroom, but it will be subjected to intense usage over the years. This can result in the bathtub suffering wear and tear that may compromise its look. For those with older bathtubs, refinishing may be an option that should be considered. Why Should You Opt To Refinish Your Bathtub? When a bathtub’s surface has suffered staining, scratching or any other cosmetic problems, it can be extremely difficult or impossible to remove. Luckily, refinishing can be used for many of these problems, and it can restore the appearance of your bathtub without you needing to purchase a new one. While refinishing a bathtub can be somewhat expensive and time-consuming, it can be the far more economical option for correcting the appearance of your bathtub. What Is Involved With A Bathtub Refinishing Project? While it is technically possible for you to refinish a bathtub without professional help, it is often advised to hire a contractor for this task. If you make mistakes when refinishing the bathtub, you can ruin its appearance or cause serious structural damage to it. During the first step of the refinishing process, the top layer of the bathtub is sanded until any stains or scratches are removed. Next, the porcelain is thoroughly cleaned so that the finish will be able to bond to its surface. Once the coat of finish is applied, it will need several hours to a day or longer to fully dry and cure. During this time, you will be unable to use the bathtub, and you will need to make other bathing arrangements. For this reason, you should consider staggering these projects if you have multiple bathtubs that are needing to be refinished. How Can You Protect The Finish Of Your Bathtub Against Future Wear And Tear? In order to ensure that your bathtub stays in the best condition possible, you will want to make sure that you are taking steps to care for the tub’s finish. To do this, it is necessary to regularly clean the bathtub. Soap scum and dirt can gradually wear away the protective finish, which can lead to serious staining. Furthermore, you will want to ensure that you keep a bathtub finish repair kit available. These kits will allow you to quickly patch damage to the finish that occurs from scratches or other light damage. While these kits may not completely restore the appearance of the bathtub, they can provide a layer of protection over the porous porcelain, which can limit the risk of stains developing. For more information, contact a business such as Carefree...

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Insulating Your Home: The Right Spray Foam for the Right Application

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When your heating and cooling bills are higher than expected, it’s time to have an energy audit done on your home. Your house may be losing close to 40 percent of the energy used to heat or cool your home through air leaks. Spray foam helps to seal up air leaks, filling in holes and acting as a barrier in the small nooks where air is escaping in your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you can save about 15 percent on your heating and cooling costs just by having your home insulated. Understanding Air Leaks in Your Home You don’t have to feel a breeze coming in through a window to have an air leak. Each leak in your home may be small, but when you have many small leaks, the total effect on your energy bills adds up. An energy-audit company can come to your home and assess each room of your home to determine where air leaks are coming from. While some areas may be obvious, such as an attic that isn’t insulated, you may be surprised to learn how much air leaks from a window that wasn’t properly sealed. The Kinds of Spray Foam Used in Your Home to Prevent Air Leaks There are basically three main types of spray foam that are used for insulating purposes inside and outside your home. High-density foam is used on exterior surfaces, especially on your roof when it is being installed. A medium-density foam provides continuous insulation, and it’s used to fill in areas on the inside of your home, such as in attics that aren’t vented. The low-density foam is used to fill in crawl spaces to help keep the home from losing too much air. Sealing Cracks and Gaps in Your Home Sometimes an air leak isn’t as huge as a crawl space that isn’t insulated. Air leaks can be around doorways, pipes that lead out of your home, and basically any exit out of your home. Spray foam can be used to close up these leaks, seal up the cracks, and fill in small gaps throughout your home. When you fix air leaks both big and small, you will make the most impact on your energy bills. If you believe your home is losing money because of air leaks, it’s time to get a home energy audit done to determine what fixes can be made to make your home more energy efficient. Talk to a company such as Midwest Custom Coating to learn more about spray-foam...

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Fiberglass Doors: Why Your Home Needs One Today

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If your entry doors are wood or steel and beginning to wear down and need to be replaced, it’s time to seriously consider whether you want to replace them with the same type of material or if you need to try something new. If you use wood or steel again, they’re simply going to deteriorate at the same rate again and you’ll have to replace them “x” amount of months down the road. However, if you go with an alternative material, you won’t have to worry about this. Some homeowners are beginning to choose fiberglass doors for the numerous benefits that they offer, especially when compared to wood and steel doors. Here are a few of them: Appearance First off, fiberglass doors can mimic the appearance of a wood grain door and are available in a variety of textures as well as paint and stain colors. You can also have decorative glass added to the doors, just as you would to a wood or steel door. The door can ultimately be customized to match your specific preferences and needs. Durability In cold temperatures and humid climates, wood doors tend to warp and rot. If they absorb moisture, they will warp and twist. With steel doors, they have the tendency to rust, scratch, and dent, especially if they are not well taken care of. Fiberglass doors, on the other hand, will never warp, crack, shrink, split, or rot. They’re more durable than either wood or steel. Energy Efficiency One of the greatest things about fiberglass doors is that they are highly energy efficient, which is something that homeowners need to be more focused on nowadays. While it is true that steel doors are also energy efficient, you are going to feel the coolness inside if it is cold outside since steel isn’t the best heat insulator. Then, of course, wood doesn’t hold up well to humidity. However, fiberglass holds up well in the heat and cold and is an excellent insulator. In fact, it is said to offer as much as four times the R-Value of a wood door. Maintenance Fiberglass doors are extremely low-maintenance. Unlike wood, fiberglass doors are resistant to warping and rooting. Unlike steel doors, fiberglass doors are resistant to denting and rusting. As a general rule, you just need to keep the door clean with a little bit of mild detergent and water. To learn more about fiberglass doors and how they can improve your home, consult with a fiberglass door contractor...

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Purchasing Some Farmland? Tips to Get Everything Set Up Correctly

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If you have purchased a farm and plan to build a new home on your land, there are some things you should consider while building. For example, you may want to hook up the septic system to the city sewer system and make sure the soil is good for crops and building a home. Below is some information about this so everything will go smoothly for you. Hook Up Septic System to the City Sewer System If there is a septic system on the property, hooking up the system to a city sewer can save you a lot of time. This is because a city sewer connects to your community instead of your home. This means if there is a problem with the sewer, you will not take care of it—your city will. Besides that, there will rarely be any problems since professionals maintain the sewer constantly. Before this process can be started, a contractor will pump the septic tank and then remove the lid. The contractor uses gravel or sand to fill in the septic tank and then puts the lid back on. To connect to the local city sewer system, you have to obtain a permit and then hire a trenching company to install the water lines from the city sewer to your land. The trenching contractor has to dig a deep trench through means known as dry-ice blasting, install the water lines, and then cover them up with compacted soil. The trenching company is important, as it will make things go much more quickly for you. When the hook-up is complete, the building department in your area will inspect and approve it. Based on many factors, the cost of hooking up a septic system to a city sewer is approximately $1,500 to $15,000. Check the Soil Because you are using the land for a farm, it is important that the soil is in good condition. For example, it is difficult to grow anything if you have clay soil. You can determine this on your own. Grab a handful of soil somewhere on the property and squeeze. If the soil turns into a tight ball and stays like this, then you have clay soil. Instead, when you release your hand, the soil should fall apart. The nutrients in the soil are also important, as if you do not have the right nutrients, your crops will not grow. There are soil test kits you can purchase to test this, but because you have a farm, you should take a sample of the soil to your local extension office. They can tell you the nutrients you need to add, if any, and how to add them. These nutrients will help if you have clay soil. It is also important that you check the soil for building your home. Your real-estate agent can be a good source of information on other things you need to consider when choosing your...

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Need To Install A New Shower Door? 3 Easy Tips To Protect It From Breaking

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Whether you had the unfortunate event of experiencing a shower door shatter or you just have an old door that is on its last leg, you might be in the market for purchasing a replacement. This process is not that challenging because you can have a professional come over to assess the situation. They can make sure you end up with a new shower door that matches the exact layout of your bathroom. But, the main thing you may be concerned about is having this new addition breaking unexpectedly. It is a good idea to consider a few things both before and during your shopping experience to avoid this issue. Put Grab Bars in the Shower When you or a family member takes a shower, you want to make sure they won’t slip and fall. Investing in a shower traction mat is certainly an option, but getting grab bars for the shower is often enough. If anyone were to lose their balance, they could grab onto the bars and gain composure again. This will prevent them from possibly leaning or falling into the shower door, which could lead to the door breaking. Do Not Get Clear Glass Clear glass is a normal choice for a shower door, but you should consider the fact that when it is clean, someone may not notice that it is closed and walk right into it as they enter the shower. If a person collides with the shower door with enough force, the door could crack or shatter. It is best to get frosted glass or at least a design that prevents anyone from making this particular mistake. Get It Professionally Installed Although you can always go online and purchase a shower door for your bathroom after taking measurements, attempting to install it on your own could lead to some future problems. You might think that it is securely installed because you have no prior experience with installing these doors, but an improperly installed door can easily break. It could unhinge itself from the mounting setup and end up shattering on the ground in pieces. Having a professional install the shower door will ensure that you have a well-secured shower door. When you are willing to do all three of these things when adding a shower door to your bathroom, you will minimize the chances of having it crack or shatter on you throughout the years. Have a peek at this site for more information on shower...

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7 Tips For Protecting Your Home’s Crawl Space From Pests

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Whether or not you want to face it, your home’s crawl space could be a haven for pests ranging from mice to roaches. You could even run into a squirrel in the area. To keep the area pest-free and prevent the pests from moving into the rest of your home, here are some pest control strategies to use.   Repair foundation cracks. One of the most accessible methods of entry for pests to the crawl space is the foundational wall. Repairing the wall is not only a means to keep pests out, but it helps to make your home more structurally sound.  Install a vapor barrier. Pests need water to survive. If your crawl space does not have a proper barrier against moisture, water can build up in the area and be a welcoming sign to pests looking for a home.   Insulate plumbing pipes. Any pipes that are running through your crawl space could provide the water pests need. A slow leak can also invite the development of mold. When the pipes are insulated, any moisture that is in the area will not cause them to rust and leak.   Check your gutters and downspouts. Ideally, the water from the gutters should be directed to the downspouts and then diverted away from the home. However, changes in the positioning of the gutters can cause the water to be pushed back towards the home. Periodically checking the position of them can ensure the water is going in the right direction.  Close the foundation vents. Foundation vents are designed to help push humid air out of the home. However, in high humid times, the humidity can cause the humid air to rise and create moisture in the crawlspace. Closing the vents when the humidity levels are high can help to keep moisture at bay. Moisture in those spaces usually means pests and mold are around the corner. Replace the crawl space screen. If your crawl space is missing screens or they are in poor condition, pests can take advantage and enter the home. Once you have replaced the screens, make it a habit to inspect the screens on a monthly basis to ensure they are still in good condition.  Update your insulation. Over time, the insulation in the crawl space can become worn. When this happens, the area becomes more attractive to pests. If the insulation is worn, replacing it is not only good for keeping pests out, but it also helps to keep energy costs down.  Work with professionals, such as a contractor and a pest control technician, to keep your home safe from pests. For more information, visit this...

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Three Care Tips For Residential Septic Systems

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Septic tanks are extremely common for homes in rural communities. Unfortunately, it is common for homeowners to be fairly uninformed about what is required to keep these systems safe from some fairly common problems. To this end, you will need to be mindful of these three basic septic system care tips. Be Aware Of The Threats Of Chlorine Chlorine is commonly added to water to help prevent the growth of many types of harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, the chlorine can also be lethal to the helpful bacteria that allow your septic system to function. If the water that your home uses contains chlorine, you will need to avoid adding any other substances that may be harmful to the bacteria, such as bleach and other cleaning agents, to the tank. Know The Dangers Of Failing To Have The System Pumped One of the most important steps that you can do to keep your system safe from routine problems. This is due to the fact that solid material will gradually start to accumulate in these tanks. By having the tank pumped, you can remove these substances before they have a chance to clog the septic tank or the drain field. When these clogs are allowed to form, you may have to spend a considerable amount of money to have the system excavated so the clog can be repaired. The frequency with which you will need to have your tank pumped will vary based on the usage habits of your home. A septic care professional will be able to examine your home’s septic tank to calculate how often you should schedule this type of maintenance to be done. Keep Your Drain Field Safe From Common Forms Of Damage Many homeowners may be unaware of the various ways that their system’s drain field can be damaged. For example, parking your car over the drain field can cause the soil around these pipes to become compressed. Once the soil is compressed, the system may be unable to effectively drain the water coming from the pipes. This issue may contribute to the yard flooding and the drains in the home slowing. In addition to the risks associated with parking over the drain field, it is possible for the roots of large plants to grow into the openings in these pipes, and this can be another source of clogging. For these reasons, you should make sure to mark the location of the drain field so that you can avoid parking over it or planting large plants near it. Contact a company like Martin Septic Service Inc for more...

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Three Reasons New Firms Should Rent Their Construction Equipment

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The effort to start a small construction business is often nothing shy of overwhelming. This isn’t just true when it comes to the physical labor that goes into the process, but more importantly, when it comes to the financial strain. You can help lessen this load by opting to rely on rental services for some of your equipment needs, rather than outright purchasing the equipment. Here are just some of the benefits of doing so. Eliminate Failed Or Small Returns When you purchase construction equipment, this is an investment you expect to earn a return on. Each time you complete a project and are paid, you earn back some of the money you spent purchasing the equipment. Unfortunately, the scope of all projects aren’t the same. You might have a piece of specialized equipment you seldom use. With such limited use, your ability to earn a return on the investment is reduced, if not halted. When you rent this equipment, you don’t have this concern, which keeps more money in your company’s operating budget. Avoid Costly Maintenance Expenses The real cost of ownership is much more than the purchase price of the equipment. When you own this equipment, you also have to factor in any expenses that relate to maintaining it. Not only will you be required to pay for preventive maintenance, but you will also be required to cover the cost for any malfunctions. For a new business, these costs can be a significant undertaking. When you rent your equipment, these are expenses you simply don’t have to worry about incurring, as these are all covered by the rental company. Keep Your Business Stronger On Paper When biding on some projects, some agencies will review your company’s financial record as part of the review process. If your company has a high-debt ratio, they may consider the idea of entering into a contract with you to be too risky. Unless you have the capital to outright purchase all your equipment, it’s likely that you will need to have it financed. Having multiple high-dollar loans can make your organization’s financial situation seem somewhat unstable. When you rent equipment there are no loans and no increased risk, making you more appealing during contract negotiations. If you are a small business, don’t automatically assume you have to purchase all your equipment right away. Make sure you aren’t overlooking the benefits equipment rental services, such as A-1 Rental, can offer....

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3 Fall Siding Maintenance Steps

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This fall, as you prepare your house for winter, make sure that you don’t forget about taking care of your siding. Here are three maintenance steps you should take this fall to ensure that your siding is ready for winter.  #1 Scrub Away Debris From Your Siding Over the course of the year, it is common for dirt and other debris to become stuck to the side of your home. It is also common for spiders and other little bugs to make their homes on your siding.  During the fall is a great time to clean your siding. You can create your own siding cleaning solution by mixing trisodium phosphate with warm water. Be sure to use the appropriate amount of trisodium phosphate based on the amount of water that you use; there should be a chart on the bottle of the trisodium phosphate to assist you with this.  Use a soft scrub brush with a long handle, like the one you would use to wash your car with, together with the cleaning solution to remove any dirt buildup that you see on your siding. Be sure to rinse away the cleaning solution. #2 Power Wash Your Siding After you have used the cleaning solution to remove all the obvious dirt from your siding, you should go back over your siding with a power washer. A power washer will remove all the dust and dirt that is not obvious to the naked eye and will take care of any insects still hanging around and trying to make a home out of your siding. When you use the power washer, make sure that you protect yourself by wearing long sleeves, pants, shoes and protective eyewear as the pressure can be really intense and you want to keep yourself safe.  Also, as you work, try to work top to bottom, left to right to ensure that you effectively wash all of your siding and to ensure that the dirt continues to fall downward as you wash.  #3 Fix Loose Siding Boards Finally, you need to fix any loose siding boards. When you are cleaning, keep an eye out for any loose boards. If you find any boards that are loose and not secured to your home, you will want to use some nails to put them back in place. You don’t want them to remain loose during the winter; loose siding could allow water to enter your house and cause extensive damage. If you find any siding that is damaged or has holes in it, call up your local siding contractor and see if they can replace the damaged boards before winter really starts.  For more information, contact Side-Pro, Inc. or a similar...

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Clever Ways To Camouflage And Conceal Your Electronics Cords Around The House

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If you are tired of looking at the wires and cords that lead to all of your home’s electronic devices, try some tips to cover-up and conceal these eyesores. From your internet router to lamp-cords, there are some clever ways to camouflage these details to give your room a seamless, even artistic appearance. Some clever ways to tuck your electronics’ cords out of sight are: Fence them in. Perhaps the easiest way to cover up your wires and cords is to hide them behind something, such as a faux fence or dressing screen to keep them concealed. Dress them up. If your cords hang below your entertainment center or desk, try dressing them up using fabric and magnets. Create a stylish barrier that keeps the cords tucked out of view, behind a piece of fabric that is cleverly positioned. Up and away. In some homes, it makes most sense to tuck the cords and wires up and in your ceiling. This works in homes with suspended ceilings that can be easily maneuvered to allow for threading cords out of sight. Create something. Incorporate the cords along a wall into wall art cool wall-art, such as using the wire as a tree branch. Get inspired and create birds, foliage, or other designs integrating the cord, which you secure to the wall with adhesive. Wrap them. Wrap each cord with an attractive fabric or jute cord to make them more aesthetically-appealing when it is difficult to completely hide them away. In the closet. Keep devices and cords out of sight by routing to a closet. This may involve altering the closet in some way, such as drilling holes in your sheet-rock. Talk to electricians about running power to the closet for the most convenient approach. Box them up. A cable management box is a box with holes that allow for your cords, devices, or wires to be in one spot, that is pretty from the outside. You can make your own, using a simple shoe-box that you can decorate to match your room’s theme, or you can purchase these at most electronics retailers. In a book. A clever way to hide your internet router is to remove the cover from a hard-backed book. Use this  faux book for your router, as it should easily slide in the middle giving the appearance of a book on your entertainment center, desk, or shelf. Don’t fret over visible electronic cords and wires; get creative and cover them up! Don’t let your electronics’ cords take away from your room or compromise your interior design. Try these tips to keep cords hidden, or turn them into something beautiful that complements your...

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